By ali ali

January 18, 2018

Video Surveillance Solution at Hamat Military Airbase

Kromm nominated to provide leading-edge video surveillance solution to the Lebanese Armed Forces 

18 January 2018. Hamat Military Airbase is located in the North Governorate of Lebanon, constructed for training and mentoring purposes of the Lebanese Army. After U.S. donations of air crafts and helicopters have been handled over in 2017, it was recommended to implement a robust video surveillance system that provides live monitoring for the outdoors perimeter and meet the new monitoring requirements highlighted by the Army.

Kromm was nominated and selected to take over this challenge and provide a state-of-the art solution featuring the latest technology in IP video surveillance systems and combining self-learning video analytics with zoomable infrared (IR) technology. Using this feature of video analytics, persons or vehicles of interest are monitored in 360 degrees rotation, and up to 820 feet in complete darkness. This is in addition to building a new network based on fiber optics technology to maintain high speed and reliable communications. Kromm expresses its satisfaction from the evaluation received on this project, which makes it multiply its efforts for delivering quality services, meeting the standards, and looking a step further for compliance and upgradability.